Kamloops Artisan Market


Kamloops Artisan Market
Welcome to Kamloops Artisan Market 
The Kamloops Artisan Market provides a much-needed venue for local artists and crafters to show and sell their wares in Kamloops. The Market creates a beautiful outdoor gallery showing a wide range of functional and collectable art and design items. Artists personally display and sell their own original creations. Added to the benefit of purchasing a well-crafted original, one also has the opportunity to talk to the artist about how their piece was made. 

Artisan Markets are growing in popularity all across British Columbia, and no wonder... the benefits of local markets are numerous. Buying local craft is not only great for local producers, it also supports our economy. This, in turn, benefits other local businesses and allows our province’s cities and towns to thrive.

Buying local craft also creates jobs and supports entrepreneurs, which supports a stronger community and local economy.  Simply put, buying locally does much more than support one craftsperson whose product you’ve taken home; it has a significant ripple effect in a very positive way.

People are beginning to see the value as the craft world has experienced an infusion of new shoppers. They are drawn to the stylish, novel, abstract and even quirky.  Craft Nouveau, has become a global trend for high-end, one of a kind fine art and modern craft.

Whatever the reasons for buying local craft, there’s no doubt about the enjoyment and value it brings to our lives!


 The Kamloops Artisan Market  meets at every Friday at
Wilson House 115 Tranquille Rd
 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm from May 25 to September 23.

The Kamloops Artisan Market is located on the main floor of
Wilson House located on the North Shore 115 Tranquille Rd
Our hours are 12:00 to 5:00 Tuesday - Friday
And we have art classes every Saturday.
We are closed to the public during all art classes.
Why should we care about art?
Both participating and attending arts events has wonderful benefits for everyone including, children, adults, seniors and people with a wide range of health and mental challenges. Art can help, it can heal it can inspire; it is our greatest communicator and record keeper.

Artists play an important role in our communities and our culture. The arts in its broad sense is an employer in every community. Being creative can create jobs in a wide number of areas. Developing a vibrant and multi-faceted approach to community arts can provide benefits to the local economy and well-being of everyone within that community.

 Artists aren’t looking for handouts. Artists work hard just like everyone else and just want to support their families. Without them, we have no culture.

Please help support our local artists at the Kamloops Artisan Market.