Kamloops Artisan Market


Kamloops Artisan Market

Art Classes

At McDonald Park

Painting with Karla Pearce 
art classes resume in September

This is a great opportunity to get rid of stress and flex your creative muscles!

Follow along with Master Artist Karla Pearce as she demonstrates how to complete a beautiful  acrylic painting sep by step. Pearce will be completing a different painting every week that students well be able to paint for them selves. There is no experience nessisary and everyone is welcome to join in.  Painting in a group is a great way to laugh and play and make new friends that love art too!

We know your busy so there is no lengthy class to sign up for. Each class is $40 and runs every Sunday at McDonald Park from 3:00 to 5:00 pm
We’ll provide all the supplies, so you don’t have to worry about a thing (except having a great time!).

You can register in person atMcDonald Park every Sunday  from 9:00 to 2:00
or on line with the form below

We accept payment s in: Visa, Master Card, Cash and email transfer to karlapearcegallery@gmail.com

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Kids After School Painting Classes

This art lesson is for creative young minds from 7 to 12 that are interested in exploring painting.

Students will learn new ways to draw and paint and explore their creativity. Each class students will complete a beautiful acrylic painting.  

Students will paint on a streached canvas with good quality Canadian made acrylic paints, brushes and an apron will also be provided.

Karla Pearce will instruct the students through demonstrating different painting technoques and basic colour theory. They will follow along with easy to understand step by step instructions. 

Pearce believes that anyone can learn how to paint and all they need is the desire and the time to explore their creative style. 

All suppiles are included, so there is no worry about bringing supplies to and from the class so kids can focus on making the art. 

$98 per month

Classes will resume in September

Click here to see painting class dates

We accept payment s in: Visa, Master Card, Cash and email transfer to karlapearcegallery@gmail.com

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