Kamloops Artisan Market


Kamloops Artisan Market
The Creative Edge – by Karla Pearce
Kamloops Artisans Open with Evening Market

The Kamloops Artisan Market is getting ready to open to the public with an evening market this year in its new location at Wilson House on the North Shore.

The Artisan Market at Wilson House was set up by former Executive Director of the NSBIA Steven Puhallo and the North Shore Board of Directors with President Bryce Herman. The NSBIA signed a 1-year contract with the Kamloops Artisan Market donating their unused main floor of Wilson House to the group of artists. With a lot of hard work and team effort, the artists transformed the empty space into a working gallery and teaching studio. It was their vision to create an active community space where artists, students and the community could come together in a positive way.

Since October 2017 the Artisan Market has shown the artwork of 20 local artists in its small gallery space. They are, Steve Fisher, Laura Balogh, Danelle, Susan Wolf, Christy Horvath, Cheryl Bezuidenhout, Pat Hall, Ian Greenberg, Kirsten Atkins, Michelle Gill, Bonnie Stevens, Carly Schmidt, Deanna Kolbinson, Donna Vanderlip, Jenni Dryer, Madie Lowe, Jessica Scott, Rikky Larocuete, Krista Willoughby and Karla Pearce.

The Artisan Market held adult and kids art classes 3 days a week, hosted meetings with Kamloops Wellness Community, and had paint party evenings!  

For such a small space the Artisan Market has managed to bring people together in a meaningful community way.

Now that the summer is on its way the art studio is still running the Tuesday and Thursday children’s art classes but will not be taking any more adult students until the fall.

The decision was made to try an evening market this summer. NSBIA Executive Director Jeremy Heighton assisted the artist-run group in providing the front lawn area for the Summer Artisan Market. It was formerly held at McDonald Park.

Volunteer Artisan Market Manager Karla Pearce says, “We are creating a fun evening artisan market that is a meeting place for all artists, artisans and the community. It’s a great place to meet people, shop and talk about art, life, the universe and everything else”.

The Artisan market also has events coming up this summer. The market will be having a Book Signing, We Are Mars, with international author Cheryl Bezuidenhout Friday, June 8 and a Summer Fashion Show featuring the works by KLM Designs, Uniquely Stretched and Eco Art, July 27. There will also be live music and food throughout the season and a live art auction moving fundraiser in August.

The Artisan Market is currently looking for creative vendors that would like to join the market as well as North Shore food vendors, performers and buskers.

The Kamloops Artisan Evening Market will be having its Grand Opening Friday, May 25, 3 to 7 pm. We will be having free prizes, specials and a draw. Come join us in the front yard of Wilson House 115 Tranquille Rd every Friday from 3 to 7 pm May 25 to September 21. For more info or to register go to www.kamloopsartisanmarket.com or text Karla Pearce 778-220-2032